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High Impact Personalized Email Marketing for your Email Marketing Campaign

Mail Communicator™ allow you to create personalized email marketing campaign that will increase your message relevance to your customers. It will increase response rate to your email marketing campaign and generate new and recurring revenue for your business.

Why Personalized Email Marketing?

Message personalization works, it is what separate you from spammers. To be successful in your email marketing campaign you need to build a mailing list, and use it to personalized your email marketing message. Recent study has shown that this email marketing strategy will generate more response rather than just blasting out email to unknown recipients with all uniform messages, most likely people will delete your messages before you know it.

Mail CommunicatorT will help you do your personalized email marketing campaign easily and successfully with the following features:

  • Insert multiple fields to your messages
  • Start receiving more response with personalized email marketing campaign
  • Enrich your HTML based email marketing messages to be more attractive and eye catching for your customer
    • Insert attachments, pictures and hyperlinks in your messages
    • Add colours and bulleted lists to your email marketing messages
    • If the recipient's mail program does not read HTML, your messages will appear as plain text with an HTML file attached
  • Send messages with "Send rules"
  • Multilingual support
  • Support BCC mode
  • Use multiple keywords to filter out addresses you do not want to be mailed.
  • Check email addresses against the "remove list" before sending them

This personalized email marketing software is just what you need to perform your email marketing campaign successfully and gain more profit for your business.

When you send email marketing message like this, you are on the risk that your message will be considered as "SPAM" and it will filtered out by anti-spam program before reach to the recipients.

Spam filtering and message management

Instead, you can send "personalized" message that start with the recipients name like this:

Mail Communicator™ allows you to send personalized email marketing message to a mailing list in a customized format, you can merge an unlimited number of customized fields into your message( i.e. email address, first name, last name, company, customer ID, product, price etc.) so that when people receive your message, they think you know them! Mail Communicator support Plain Text and Rich Text(HTML) format, and attachments. You can specify the number of messages you want to send at a specified time. You can compose messages off-line and send them the next time you connect.

Here is an example of personalized email marketing email message.

When you sending the message, Mail CommunicatorT will merge all of the appropriate information with your mailing list, so that email marketing message received by the recipient will looks like this:

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