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Building a successful email newsletter

Newsletters present companies with a great opportunity. When you offer your readers real value, they will reciprocate by offering you their attention and their trust. It is important to write newsletters with a view to a long-term relationship, so you should think about it as a way to serve your audience on the Internet and build a trusting relationship with them and not as a mere forum for pitching your products or services.

Developing a newsletter surely means a bit of work, but you can greatly benefit from it.

  1. Be sure to offer value -- industry news items, how-to articles, analysis and commentary about your industry niche. Your e-zine will position your company as an expert in the field and will enhance its reputation.
  2. Remind former visitors with brief information about new articles, products, and features on your Web site…
  3. Nurture potential customers during the gestation period until they are ready to purchase or sign a contract.
  4. Support existing customers with on-going information.
  5. Earn revenue from paid sponsors of the newsletter.

Follow the following tips and you will be able to offer your subscribers a valuable means of communication:

  1. Make a clear distinction between editorial content and advertising in the format of your newsletter.
  2. Develop a thorough editorial process. Line-edit every article to eliminate typos, poor grammar, and vague and confusing passages.
  3. Commit yourself to a regular publishing schedule

It is desirable that your newsletters give readers reasons to come back to your Web site, by including discounts and personalizing them. Each newsletter should include the subscriber's name, and say, "you've been a subscriber since __."

At the bottom of the newsletter, you can add some clickable links, including "Click here to send this Newsletter to a friend" and "If this Newsletter was forwarded by a friend, you can click here to subscribe."

Also, use HTML at the very least. Broadband penetration is growing exponentially. There's no reason to ignore rich media, especially when your newsletter sells higher-end products or services targeted to upper-income individuals.

    FAQs: How can I create a rich media newsletter using Dynamic Mail Communicator?
  The Dynamic Mail Communicator fully support HTML emails. When you create a new email, choose the "HTML" option from "Format" on the menu bar to complete the email in HTML format.
You can also cut and paste an existing web page, then paste it into the new mail panel to move the information over. Alternatively to this method you could cut and paste the HTML source code for an existing page into the "Source" area for the new mail message panel.

Scheduling your newsletter

With the appropriate software, you have the option of delaying the start time for the sending of your messages and decide the exact time you want them delivered. To know the best time to send your promotional emails and newsletters, follow the following tips.

If your newsletter is of going to be read at work, send it on Wednesday or Thursday. If your newsletter is primarily read at home and focuses on spare-time activities, send it on Sunday.

During the holidays, people tend to be away from their computers and not check their email regularly. This means they may get your message when they return, together with a ton of other mail that has piled up during the holidays. Chances are all but the most important messages will be deleted in a rush without a second look.

This is why you should avoid sending your email marketing campaign during the months of December, January, July and August. Of course, exceptions to this rule are possible.

    FAQs: How can I create a rich media newsletter using Dynamic Mail Communicator?

Save mail campaign to send it later

You can save a draft of your mail campaign to work on or send it later. To save a mail campaign, click the File Menu and select Save to send later menu item. The mail will be saved in the Draft folder. You can open the mail campaign later by double clicking on the Mail name.
Send mail at a specified time

You can specify the Date and Time you wish to send a mail message, the mail will be sent at the specific time . Simply click the Send ...message this session Now box and click At, then it will display the Time box to allow you to specify the time you would like to delivery this message . When you click the Send Button, the Mail campaign will also be saved in your Outbox. It will be sent automatically with the time that the message has reached the time you specified.